About Save my EU

Save my EU, or Savemy.EU is a short blog and vlog series by Kyuu Eturautti, an information security worker in the wholesale sector, residing in Tampere, Finland. It's an attempt to gather some key thoughts for the EU parliamentary elections in spring 2019, with the primary theme of being boring, practical, instead of the more commonly used loud and noisy trend on social media.


I'm not a candidate, nor a key member in any political party. Creating this is therapy and study, a way to force myself to think about EU's challenges and figure out logical solutions (or sometimes just more questions). I'd like to see the EU improving on areas where it has challenges. 

Additionally, I took it upon myself to try to learn the basics of operating PTZ video cameras, because this knowledge can be useful in both my hobbies and work, so I'm trying to work on creating a useful mini-studio in the office basement. I have no artistic skills, but I'd like to teach myself the technical basics. 

Am I anti-EU or pro-EU?

Out of those two options, pro. Because I enjoy much of what the EU has given us and find it so important, I want it to do better. I dislike the idea that you must either accept the EU as it is, as flawless, successfull and perfect, or become strongly anti-EU. The EU has done many good things. In some other things, it has made mistakes. It has done okay, but I think it could do even better. I'd like to put out some suggestions for that.

Where do my viewpoints come from?

This is the point where I say I'm not a Russian agent and everyone responds by saying "that's what they all say". 

Okay, seriously, I'm the type of person who reads news, I even read an old fashioned newspaper, I listen to podcasts and try to keep up. I work in international wholesale and retail business, my immediate family includes members from outside the EU, and my hobbies include a lot volunteering in culture events where all borders - be they countries, thoughts and backgrounds - are often crossed. 

I've been called a leftist and a nazi. I have intimate personal experiences on hate speech and the violence it fuels, that's why I make it a point not to generally point fingers at individuals. I've been personally involved with communists, leftists, pirates, extreme right wingers and more. I think I've gained more than lost with that. Some of my best political discussions have been while sitting at a table where the people had extreme differences of opinion, but still the ability to discuss them evenly. That's from about ten years ago. I'm sorry that can't happen anymore.

How can I be contacted?

It won't take a long time of googling to find more information, but I can save you this much time: I'm not on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat or most of the trendy services. However...
  • Email: vekotin@gmail.com
  • Twitter: KyuuEturautti
  • IRC: ircnet nick Kyuu (yes, really, IRC, in the year of our lord 2019 - I'm a geek)
  • Or leave a comment in the blog or Youtube