The new hate speech is here

I'm sure you've heard about it! Hate speech, the wonderful invention, hip and trendy, best way to get hits, clicks, shares and likes online. Just toss away common sense and good behavior and that's pretty much it. However, every trend goes up and then down. This is the time to invent the new hate speech. Allow me to introduce to you - BOREDOM. That's what this blog and vlog series is about.

The EU is heading to the elections

The elections for the european parliament are coming soon. There's a lot of extreme opinions, loud declarations and demands. What we're lacking, however, is common sense. We don't have sugggestions that have a chance of actually happening. We don't have sensible middle ground. We don't have many sights of the scientific method.

I like the EU. It's done many things well. In some other things, it could do a bit better and in some cases it's been unable to do anything. I'm going to look at a few of these things. I'll write about them calmly. I won't point fingers at people or play the blame game. I won't have ten second answers - in fact I might be stuck at one tiny idea for ten minutes. I'll drag problems and issues into pieces, look at those pieces and put down a boring, down to earth suggestion which won't light any fireworks or encourage loud marches. It'll be as beautiful as page 472 from a book on tax law.

Soft talk, hard subjects

I will go into subjects which seem to anger people quickly. I've got concepts down for climate change, immigration, religion, Russia, information technology and EU law. I hope to do all of these, and maybe toss in one or two more. I will accept ideas and if I feel I have sufficient knowledge, or time to study these matters, I'll see what I can do.

I do this because I feel I'll understand the EU, it's politics and policies better this way. I do this because I want to hope that talking about tough subjects does not require going to the far end of opinions. I do this because talking and writing about things that worry me are ways of processing that worry in a healthy way. So basically, you're just taking part in my healthcare by reading this. Thank you.

I am wrong.

I am not right! In fact, I'm quite often wrong. I have only opinions. I repeat: not truths, not absolutes, just opinions and viewpoints. If you realize that I'm wrong, I'm glad - that means you're thinking on your own. If you could tell me about my mistake, I will thank you, because then I can also learn something new. If however you only need to vent your anger without a point, I don't feel any need to be a part of your anger training, nor do I see any gains in participating. You can call my mistakes, you can criticize my writings or videos quite freely, but hatred is uncalled for. Trust me, I have some knowledge in this matter.

Alrighty then, onwards, to the exciting and always colorful, rejuvenating, invigorating, homeopathic, ultradynamic world of political boredom! Success!