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Climate change, distress and the green race

Climate change is a very real thing. Even though we don't yet fully understand the whole package, we can see the big issue, the results, the problems, the challenges. Climate distress is another very real thing. Guilt is a big player in climate change discussion. While many adults do have reason for this guilt, we should not teach it to children. I would like to suggest a better way to resolve this global catastrophe. Distress doesn't win Distress and guilt are certainly not useless or meaningless, psychologically speaking. They might make you not throw that trash on the ground, or might get you to bicycle to work. It's a good idea to reflect on our choices, small and big. Let's remember the right dosage though, as utter distress and suffocating guilt will just destroy people. We need only look at the increasing amount of mental suffering among younger and younger people. We should not teach them guilt about the environment. In fact, pushing this guilt onto our

The new hate speech is here

I'm sure you've heard about it! Hate speech, the wonderful invention, hip and trendy, best way to get hits, clicks, shares and likes online. Just toss away common sense and good behavior and that's pretty much it. However, every trend goes up and then down. This is the time to invent the new hate speech. Allow me to introduce to you - BOREDOM. That's what this blog and vlog series is about. The EU is heading to the elections The elections for the european parliament are coming soon. There's a lot of extreme opinions, loud declarations and demands. What we're lacking, however, is common sense. We don't have sugggestions that have a chance of actually happening. We don't have sensible middle ground. We don't have many sights of the scientific method. I like the EU. It's done many things well. In some other things, it could do a bit better and in some cases it's been unable to do anything. I'm going to look at a few of these things. I